septiembre 21, 2013

Brooklyn Book Festival / Nueva York, 22 de setiembre de 2013

12:00 P.M. Cities and their Ghosts, Past and Future: What phantoms continue to haunt the landscape of our cities and our dreams? And how will these apparitions appear to us in the future, in a world even more shrouded in mystery? Basque author Kirmen Uribe (Mean While Take My Hand) searches for roots in Spain and abroad; Patricio Pron (My Fathers’ Ghost is Climbing in the Rain) reckons with his father’s hidden life and Chang-Rae Lee (On Such a Full Sea) depicts a bleak vision of an apocalyptic Baltimore. Short readings and discussion. Moderated byValeria Luiselli.
3:00 P.M. Historical Secrets and Lies: Lying never gets old. A young writer discovers his dying father’s less-than-desirable secrets. A Colombian man relives an old friend’s murder and a decades-old drug war. A travel agent in post-apartheid South Africa learns something that might change her identity forever. Patricio Pron (My Fathers’ Ghost is Climbing in the Rain), Juan Gabriel Vásquez (The Sound of Things Falling), and Zoë Wicomb (Playing in the Light) talk history and its endless lies. Moderated by Michael Miller (Bookforum).

New York City, USA

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Brooklyn Book Festival, setiembre de 2013.