septiembre 20, 2013

The Argentine Writer and His Tradition / Una conversación con Claudio Iván Remeseira / Estados Unidos

Even before settling in Spain, your literary language was not a naturalistic transcription of the Argentine idiom but rather had an educated, “neutral” tone. Since living in Spain you have incorporated more Spanish dialect in your work. Does that make you a Spanish writer?
Not at all. Most Spaniards are reluctant to the idea of accepting writers not born in Spain as part of their literary tradition, which is a great disadvantage of Spain in comparison with other countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, France and the States. Maybe it changes with the time but on the meanwhile—and even if some non-Spaniard writer tries to be considered one, which isn’t my case—Spanish writers are born in Spain and the rest of them are tolerated guests. 

La entrevista, aquí.

Publicada en Hispanic New York, 23 de setiembre de 2013.