octubre 04, 2013

Acclaimed Argentine writer to speak in Brooklyn / Una conversación con Samantha Samel / Entrevista / Estados Unidos

Have you noticed a vast difference in the book’s reception in Argentina and elsewhere?
Yes, for some reason the book has different meanings and produces different effects on different countries. In Italy, for instance, the book was read mostly as a novel about migration, which is a very important issue in Italian history. In France it was the book’s form that interested most readers, and in Spain it was read as an autobiographical novel while in Argentina—where events are still fresh on the collective memory—it was read as a fiction, which puzzled me a lot. It was very interesting to see how different these readings were and how much they said about the Italian, French, Spanish or Argentine ways if reading and approaching to texts.

La entrevista, aquí.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Brooklyn, 19 de setiembre de 2013.